5 Things Every Website Should Include

When you take a look at some websites you will quickly realize that not all websites are built the same. Some people do not seem to include many of the necessary things to enhance their sites, make them user friendly, or use proper on-page SEO. If you are working on a new website and need a little advice, be sure to keep the following tips in mind to help show you the 5 most important things to include in a website.


  1. A website without images is a very boring site indeed. Not only should website owners use thumbnail pictures, but they need to include larger, full size images as well. Larger images grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read what you are saying.


  1. Social Media Links. If you have a website, you also need to have a social media presence. This means that you need to have a business page set up on websites including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not only do you need to have these pages set up but you need to be active on them and engage with your customers in a friendly, yet professional way. Be sure to include social media buttons on every page of your site that will take the reader to your social media page when they click on it.


  1. Mobile Access. Many older websites can only be accessed if the user is on a desktop or laptop computer but the websites are not mobile friendly at all. A good responsive theme will help to ensure that you have the site designed with mobile users in mind. Today, over 90% of all people access the internet from their mobile phone and it only makes sense to ensure that your site is fully mobile friendly.


  1. Infographics. Business owners do very well when they display ads and services with the use of infographics. These can be charts or graphs or other interesting designs that are used to grab the attention of customers and show them what you offer in a fun sort of way.


  1. Contact Page. Many business owners assume that people will already know where they are located or how to reach them when necessary. This is especially true for businesses in smaller cities and towns. Business owners need to include a full page sharing contact information including a physical address if you are a brick and mortar shop or a mailing address if you are an online only shop. There should also be a telephone number as well as an email address. A contact form is always nice, but many customers prefer to contact by phone or direct email instead and including this information is a good show of faith for customers.


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