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We’re a web design firm that works in Boulder Creek and we specialize in creating top quality websites for businesses in the area. We work closely with business owners to develop a site that meets all their needs, while creating a stunning presentation that will lead to increases in customers and eventually profits as well. Building a serious business takes time and effort, but a good quality website is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to getting started today.


Boulder Creek Website Design

Boulder Creek Website Design


Mobile Optimized

Mobile phones and tablets are becoming incre3asingly popular and you probably looked something up using a mobile device just this week. More people rely on mobile devices than they do computers to find information today. That’s exactly why it’s so important that your top-rated website looks and functions properly on a mobile device. During the development process, we work hard to make sure that you have a responsive website that changes the way it looks for mobile devices. This means that text still looks neat and scrolling and panning isn’t necessary to read the words when on the site using a mobile device. Our extensive work to create a custom site that functions on mobile will help your site reach a broader audience and make it more profitable overall as well.


Build Your Audience

Our customers are happy to hear that after they have their professional website they can immediately start working to build up an audience that is going to boost business profits. That’s because we factor in search engines like Google when we design each site. We know that the site must have the support of search engines, otherwise it’s going to be hard to market the site with cheap methods like SEO. We include important features in every single site to make ranking in Google possible. Things like a sitemap, and a neat link structure are built right into our web design. We also work hard to make sure that pages load quickly and smoothly. These considerations will make ranking your site easy for a good web marketing company, and you’ll be enjoying an increased audience before you know it.


WordPress Development

Modern day websites should be based on a modern platform. Any web developers that create HTML websites today are asking for trouble. That’s because website maintenance is just too difficult on that type of site. Instead we offer well-optimized sites with a custom theme that looks nice, but that a standard person could maintain and even improve on. We’ll give you a site that operates smoothly and that you can update with blog posts or even new pages whenever you want. While we offer web maintenance packages, you might not need them to keep your site operating properly. That’s just one way that we’ll help lower your cost of operation over time, making it easier to enjoy a return on your investment faster.


Showcase Your Valuable Skills

If you are a freelance professional, you probably need a website that’s quite different than an average business owner. That’s because you need to prove that you have the best skills, while also showing off things like pricing to interested customers. It’s not very difficult to do this, but you need to take the time to build up a foundation that you can rely on when marketing yourself later. We can help turn you into a successful webmaster and marketer by creating a quality portfolio website for you. It will make it easy to show off past projects and make it clear why people should work with you. You’ll quickly find that you have more clients than you know what to do with after you have your new portfolio site to rely on, and that’s the benefit of good quality web development and support that you can rely on.


A Custom Logo Design

Logos are important to any business and you need a good one if you want to build up a strong brand. That’s why we offer a logo service and our team of graphic designers can help you create a logo that you can be proud of. We’ll work with you to come up with a design that you enjoy, and something that will improve the quality of your business as well.


Sell with Your Own Online Store

Compared to owning a shop in downtown Boulder Creek, running an internet-based store is incredibly affordable. We can help get an eCommerce website set up and ready to go for you, and we’ll do it at an affordable price. Your studio can show off products and services and make them available to a wider audience using your website as the store. You’ll love the added customers that you get from a nice clean online store, and with it in place you’ll be able to make even more profit from that site. You’ll have a clean interface that accepts most payment types and that has a working shopping cart. It’s a good feeling to run your own internet store, and we can make it possible.


As a Boulder Creek based firm, we understand the local trends, and can help create a good quality website for your company. You’ll enjoy excellent results by working with us and will likely even generate some additional profit in the process.


Stop working without a business website, or running a subpar online site and contact us. We’ll get you set up with a website that serves as the foundation of your much more profitable business.


Or simply give us a call to have a cup of coffee or chat!