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As a business owner in Capitola and surrounding areas, one of the best things that you can do is have a top-rated website developed for your small business. A good quality website creates a strong impression for any customers that find you online, and it helps you seem professional and eventually increases the number of customers that you get as well. We’re a top-rated web development firm and work to create stunning sites for a range of business owners in and around Capitola. We can help you obtain an affordable, modern and highly beneficial site easily.


Capitola Website Design

Capitola Website Design


Custom Designed

There’s no point having a website put together when it’s made cheap and from a standard theme. Everything that we provide is custom designed, so that your site matches your company exactly. This means that you’ll enjoy the best quality site for the cost that you’ll spend, and you’ll have much more control over how it looks and functions once it is complete.


Local Focused

It can be difficult appealing to locals in Capitola with a more generic website, which is why it’s beneficial to work with our company. We are based out of Capitola and always consider the local trends during the development process. We consider web design themes that are going to appeal to the locals as much as possible. Of course, we rely on feedback from our customers as well, but we always consider the local audience when making decisions about how to create a website design.


CMS for Easy Maintenance

Most of our websites today that we make for clients are based on a CMS or content management system like WordPress. We’ll custom design themes that make the site look nice, but the platform that it’s built on is proprietary. This makes it much easier to operate the site for most webmasters, and it allows us to provide a service with affordable pricing as well. We prefer platforms like WordPress because they support a great number of plugins and are simple for things like website maintenance. Many of our clients are maintaining their sites on their own, or hiring standard employees to handle the task without an issue.


Offering an Online Shop

Many business owners love the idea of having their own online shop, and it’s something that they believe is very expensive to put into place. We’re happy to let our interested customers know that an eCommerce website is a service that we offer, and it’s more affordable than expected. We can design a website that creates on online store for your business. Whether you are a small studio, a large corporation, or something in between, you’ll be able to offer an online shop complete with a shopping cart and increase the number of sales that you make as well.


Excellent Support for Mobile Users

It’s tough supporting mobile users today, but it’s something that we offer to all our Capitola customers. Mobile users are becoming the standard, and if your website isn’t designed to handle these visitors, you’re losing out on a lot of potential customers. Through careful responsive web design practices, we can support mobile devices on each website produced. That means that mobile users will see a nice clean website when visiting you, and will be more likely to make a purchase in the end as well.


Showcase Your Skills Properly

If you’re a freelance owner, the most important thing for you to do is to demonstrate your skills and abilities when trying to get new clients. This is becoming easier and easier for most people, thanks to the internet. We create dozens of professional portfolio websites for clients every year. These sites make it easy for a new or experienced freelancer to show off their skills. They can be the webmaster for the site and add new portfolio items as needed and really show off their services along the way. A top-quality website will help bring in new customers and make selling to them easier than ever before.


Rank in Search

Today search engines are one of the best ways to capture traffic online and to generate income for your business. We’re happy to report that we focus on building clean websites that are compatible with Google expectations. That means that our customers can rank in search engines, and rely on exciting content such as video messages, infographics and anything else that they want to offer their customers.


Whether you just need a new logo to spruce up your current website, or you need a skilled web developer to make you a site from the ground up, we have the services to get you going. The finished product will work well with most web marketing company providers, and you’ll see results soon enough. If you want a site that can properly represent your business, give us a call and find out how we can help your Capitola based business today.



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