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Web Development in Los Gatos

A good website is the heart and soul of any business today. Without a strong web presence, it’s difficult to remain competitive, and that’s why many local businesses are simply shutting down and losing out to the competition. The first big step that you must take to bring your business into the modern world is to get a quality website design that’s going to draw in new customers and help you to build up a local presence much more effectively. We offer our services to businesses in the Los Gatos area, and specialize in following local trends and working with business owners to create stunning websites that are effective.

Websites Designed for Mobile Users

Whether you own a firm, an agency or some other type of small business, it’s important that mobile phone users can access your site just as easily as people on a standard computer. In fact, mobile users are beginning to outnumber people on standard computers. That’s why we work hard to create top rated websites that are responsive and display content clearly to mobile users. It doesn’t matter whether your site shows off standard text, video, graphics or a mix of all three, it should work just fine for your mobile visitors.


Los Gatos Website Designer

Los Gatos Website Designer


Custom Logo

A good quality logo is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to a quality website for your company, but it’s something that you must consider during development. You don’t want a logo that looks cheap, because it will be associated with your business all over for proper branding. While a logo is not directly included in many of our web design packages, we do keep a few talented graphic designers on staff that specialize in making some of the best logos available today. If your business needs an affordable logo to use on your website, for social media and even offline purposes, we can offer you a good design today.

Start an Online Store

While opening a shop in person takes a substantial investment and a lot of time, that’s not the case with opening an eCommerce shop online complete with a shopping cart. With a good web developer, you can have your very own online store up and running in a week or less, with a minimal investment. We can work to develop a custom store for your business, and it’s surprising how affordable it is to have a full shop developed that allows you to begin selling services to customers online.

Local Themed Designs

It’s tough drawing in local visitors from the search engines and convincing them to trust your company. Fortunately, when we work for businesses in the Los Gatos area, we’re able to bring some of our own experiences into the development to create a website that will showcase your pricing, your services and your overall business message in a way that appeals to local customers nicely.

A Website You Can Market

After your business website is all up and running, it’s time to begin marketing it. IUT doesn’t matter if you decide to get a WordPress-based website, or a site built on another platform, we design sites that will appeal to Google and that a web marketing company will be able to support effectively. Our entire site design strategy is based around creating appealing websites that a webmaster can maintain, but we also work to add in the features that search engines care about, such as a complete sitemap, to help you rank more effectively.

Whether you are a freelance professional looking to become one of the webmasters with a popular portfolio website, or you are the owner of a large business, we can help you create just the right website for your needs. Give us a call today, and find out how we can help create a leading website for your business.


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