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Scotts Valley is a tough place to open a new business, but it’s also an area full of opportunity and a company with the right approach can be very profitable. Whether you’re just getting started with an agency or a firm, or you have been running for years, one of the most important steps to take with your company is to get a business website up and running. A professional web site will bring in new customers and encourage more people to work with your company. We are the web design experts that work with Scotts Valley businesses to create top rated sites to give them the image and the results that they want.


Scotts Valley Website Design

Scotts Valley Website Design


Marketing is Vitally Important

Marketing a website is one of the most important things that you can do as a business, whether you are offering services or products. Without proper marketing, it’s nearly impossible to earn enough profit from your website. That’s why we always focus on web design that produces websites that can be marketed. We think about search engines like Google when making websites, and focus on incorporating features like site maps, and a good structure to help with marketing efforts overall. A good web marketing company shouldn’t have trouble working with our finished website and getting it to the top of search engine results for different search phrases.


Own an Online Store

An online store is an exciting opportunity for a business to sell to customers that aren’t directly in the Scotts Valley area. We offer eCommerce website services and will help you develop a web store that you can sell both products and services with. Our finished product will come complete with a shopping cart and all the services that you need to successfully sell products to interested customers.


Mobile Customers Matter Too

Whether you realize it or not, mobile users are more popular than computer users today. That means that your site is more likely to get visited by someone on a smartphone or tablet, than a laptop or desktop computer. That’s why we work to make every one of our sites responsive. That means that whether the visitor is looking at a video, reading text, viewing a graphic or anything else, the site always looks stunning and makes it easy to see all the available options. We utilize modern design principles to create a top-quality site that your customers will thoroughly enjoy, and this opens you up to so much more business.


Cost is A Real Consideration

Unless you’re running a multi-million-dollar corporation, your website cost is probably a very real concern and you’re going to be looking at pricing closely when you decide on what services to get with your new site. That’s fine with us, because we pride ourselves in efficiency. Our services aren’t cheap, but you’ll get just the services you need to run your business efficiently. We won’t squeeze in extra services just to raise the price of the site, which means you get excellent quality at an affordable price.


Maintenance is Simple

Old websites were time consuming to maintain. Website maintenance shouldn’t be time-consuming any longer and you won’t even need a web pro to handle most of it. Instead, you or one of your employees should be able to handle most support issues. That’s because our sites utilize WordPress most of the time. You’ll still get a beautiful looking site thanks to custom themes, but the site is easy to update and modify. Your finished theme will be something that we can edit for you, but doing things like adding more content, videos and graphics is something that anyone could do with ease. This makes it simpler to maintain your site and keep it running well.


Make the Most of Your Freelance Services

We work with freelancers as well to help them sell their services more effectively. As a webmaster of an online website, you want it to be simple, but you want it to help you sell more services or products too. AS a freelancer that means having a solid portfolio site that shows your skills well. We’ll create a nice clean site that gives you all the tools to show your skills at their best. Your new site will help you take advantage of current business trends and impress prospective clients along the way. We’ll go through all the development stages while taking advice and ideas from you, to make sure that you get a custom creation that you can be proud of.


Webmasters are always looking for better websites or more efficient ways to manage their business. Our custom designed websites are known for their quality and we can guarantee that you’ll get the results that you want when working with our company.


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